Social Media Intern APPLY NOW


Here's what the internship involves:

In this role, you’ll be helping grow Feelz's social media presence across multiple platforms, with a specific focus on Instagram and TikTok. This includes creating content + captions, and interacting with the Feelz community. You will help brainstorm marketing tactics to grow brand awareness.

You'll also be responsible for finding customer pain points, interpreting social media analytics, and presenting them to the founder.

This role will being ASAP and go until May, 2022 (summer 2022 potential as well.)

This role is low commitment. It should only take about ~3 hours/week of your time.

Our description of the ideal person for this internship:

Your graphic design skills help you create quality content for social. Your knowledge of social media and marketing helps you translate Feelz's mission across social.

Your interest in marketing and brand expansion gives you credibility to communicate growth tactics with the founder.

You're also passionate about startups and mental health. You understand the millenial/gen z customer base.



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Thanks for applying. If you sound like the person we're looking for, we'll let you know within 7 days. Hope to chat soon!