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Interested in becoming a brand ambassador?

Here's what the role involves:

In this role, you’ll be helping increase Feelz's brand awareness by creating and uploading content that encourages customers to engage with the company's products. You will be given a specific discount code to share with your network. The code is tracked and you'll receive a monetary reward every 2 weeks based on code usage. You will be required to attend a monthly Zoom meeting (held by the founder) to stay in the loop with the latest happenings of the company and pitch any ideas you have.

You will be added to a Feelz Ambassador Slack group to network, communicate and collaborate with a likeminded community.

Our description of the ideal person for this role:

You're passionate about startups and mental health. You understand the millenial/gen z customer base.

Your interest in marketing and social media gives you credibility to communicate growth tactics with the founder.

You think outside the box to achieve greatness. You share your ideas with confidence and inspire others. You understand the power in connections and you're willing to work with others. You're a hustler.

You have at least 2000 followers across your social media platforms.



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Thanks for applying. If you sound like the person we're looking for, we'll let you know within 7 days. Hope to chat soon!