Our Mission

Too often we are told to put our emotions aside. Feelz is all about embracing all of your emotions (happy, sad, and everything in between) and not being ashamed of how you’re feeling. Feelz gives you the confidence to own your emotions and look good while doing it! 


Shop while donating. Feelz gives a portion of all profits to Mental Health America. MHA is a leading nonprofit in the mental health space that is focused on promoting the overall mental health of the community as well as addressing the needs of those that live with mental illness. Because Feelz stands for embracing every emotion that comes your way, we believe our brand values align with this nonprofit. Learn more about Mental Health America HERE

About the Founder 

Grace Bartolotti is a 20 year old college student who wanted to create a practical clothing line with a clear mission.




One day, deep into the COVID craziness, she was thinking about how 2020 has taken such a toll on everyone. Yet, we don't talk about it - we just pretend like everything is fine. From a young age, Grace wore her heart on her sleeve and EVERYONE knew how she was feeling at every second of the day. Grace designs every garment herself so that you can feel empowered while wearing your emotions loud and proud.